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Murray Riverina - a great place to do business

A region of natural beauty, varied climate and a strong network of interconnected centres, the Murray Riverina is a great place to live, work and invest. With a skilled workforce, diverse and innovative industries, affordable land, and access to major freight corridors between Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the Murray Riverina has a potent competitive advantage to leverage now and into the future. 

Home to military training and specialised contract engineering, the Murray Riverina also boasts expertise in propellant and military explosive manufacturing, and the A$200 million Royal Australian Navy Defence Communications Station makes the Riverina host to some of the most advanced communication technology in the world.


Doing business in Murray Riverina

We have the opportunity to capitalise on our region’s strong manufacturing base, globally competitive professional and knowledge sector, and world-class innovative technology to become a fundamental input to capability for the defence sector. There are many advantages to doing business in Murray Riverina – we are:

  • Connected
  • Supported
  • Competitive
  • Skilled
  • Growing
  • Attractive


Strategic location between Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide

The Murray Riverina is one of the most significant locations for freight and logistics in Australia, with major intermodals and corridors servicing the eastern seaboard of Australia. The region is acknowledged for its role as a major freight and transport distribution hub. The delivery of essential infrastructure is generating more efficient and higher capacity freight routes, better access to air and sea ports, competitive freight costs, and higher regional productivity.


Extensive business support services

Businesses in the Murray Riverina are supported by a broad range of support services including legal, financial, accounting, human resources, market research, information technology, innovation, entrepreneurial and other professional services.


Competitive business costs

Attractive industrial and commercial land prices means the Murray Riverina is a highly-competitive place to do business with consistently lower land and building prices compared to the capital cities.


Skilled and stable workforce

The Murray Riverina offers access to a stable, cost-efficient and productive workforce with major businesses in the region reporting lower salary and wage overheads than their capital city counterparts. These companies also report greater operational efficiencies in terms of lower staff turnover, higher staff reliability and fewer industrial disputes.


Progressive regional cities

The region’s cities – Albury, Griffith and Wagga Wagga – will accommodate the highest rates of growth over the next 20 years. Investment in major services facilities and industrial activity will distribute the benefits of growth across all centres in the region.


Attractive and affordable lifestyle

The region is characterised by a network of centres comprising vibrant communities making the most of successful places, abundant arts, dining, entertainment and recreational opportunities. Communities enjoy a high standard of living with housing choice for all sections of the community. These are well-connected communities as a result of improved public and community transport and reliable telecommunications systems.


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